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NOTE: After installing Netflow Auditor please use "Username: admin and Password: admin" to login and follow the prompts.

   Linux Installation (v8.3.1)

Supported OS: 32/64bit Redhat/Centos 6.0-6.5.

Netflow Auditor for Linux v8.3.1 64-bit (tar) - MD5 -

Netflow Auditor for Linux 32-bit v8.3.1 (tar) - MD5 -

Linux Install, Config and Tuning

   Windows Installation

Supported OS: Windows Server/7/XP/Vista

Netflow Auditor for Windows v8.3.1 64-bit (exe) - MD5 -

Netflow Auditor for Windows v8.3.1 32-bit (exe) - MD5 -

Note: The above Installation executables cannot be used to upgrade. Please use the Upgrade available with Netflow Auditor Maintenance This version installs Mysql, tomcat, Java subject to their respective license agreements. Please remove any existing 3rd party applications before installing Netflow Auditor.

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