Performance Baselining and Capacity Planning

Why is Baselining so important?

Baselining analysis methods are needed to compare actual data against a baseline in a specified time period. It is only when you understand what is normal that you can identify anomalies and set thresholds. NetFlow Auditor's Intelligent Baseline Anomaly Detection automatically learns the data pattern for any aspect of your network, applications, servers, interfaces or locations for every hour of every weekday ensuring the best quality alerting with substantially reduced false positives of threshold based alerting.

In complex data-centers and virtualized or distributed environments it is critical to choose a NetFlow solution that is scalable, flexible and granular and provides intelligent alerts to allow you take control of your entire ICT environment.

Baselines can be created on any micro or macro element to provide time comparisons that enable you to achieve; performance management for utilization or trending analysis, managing SLAs or service-provider agreements and proactive fault management by monitoring network health (changes in problem indicators). Alerts can then be set when baselines are outside of normal thresholds. NetFlow Auditor is unique in its ability to Baseline any and every network element for from real-time burst and scan analysis to Long-Term Trending of your interfaces, locations, applications, web-server farms usage or a single server. It provides you with the insight to:

  • Measure the effect and impact of infrastructure
  • changes on end user experience.
  • Know what is normal so that you can identify, alert and discover the abnormal.
  • Focus attention on the network users and services and business processes responsible for the slow response.
  • Monitor growth and performance to forecast future network service issues and requirements.
  • Compare patterns from business groups, applications, servers, SLA's over minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.