Real-time Network Visibility

Time is money! A great deal of time is spent on painstaking and often unsuccessful searches for the causes of performance and security incidents and monitoring inappropriate network use and risk. Applications continue to grow in complexity and have ever increasing bandwidth. Network infrastructure is growing and increasing in cost and complexity all the time. As a result businesses lose visibility and control of their network.

Modern IP and MPLS networks are growing and increasing in complexity all the time. Network Administrators are increasingly challenged to run large networks with no visibility to monitor the physical infrastructure of the network. However most problems are caused by users and applications, not hardware.

In today's global marketplace there has never been more pressure on organizations to reduce costs in order to be competitive. No longer can an organization afford to ignore the ever escalating costs associated with increasing complexity and the lack of visibility of network traffic; whilst maintaining and controlling its IT infrastructure.

NetFlow Auditor is a unique netflow analyzer that provides the visibility that reduces the risks to business continuity associated with poor performance; downtime and security threats. As organizations continue to rely more and more on computing power to run their business, transparency of business applications is critical.

Every aspect of every data transfer is available in NetFlow including QoS, can be analysed with NetFlow Auditors quick intuitive web interface to filter, drill and discover. NetFlow Auditor provides full visibility for:

  •   Who is talking on your network?
  •   What applications are running on the network?
  •   Where is traffic going to and coming from?
  •   How is my traffic changing for each application or connection over time?